Tired of that annoying alarm on your phone that wakes you up every morning...Well if you still have that old clock radio that you used before your smartphone it may be time to dig it out.

According to a new study...

when you wake up to MUSIC instead of an alarm, it can get you out of bed faster, and help you feel less sluggish and more alert.

So what should you be waking up to?

Waking up to a catchy pop songs such as the Beach Boys or The Cure rather than a beeping alarm can stop drowsiness, scientists claim.

Melodic songs such as the Beach Boys' Good Vibrations and The Cure's Close to Me can drive away morning sluggishness, say researchers.

 Researchers found that while sound is good for getting your attention, music holds your attention longer and helps get your brain functioning. It is also thought to help avoid sleep inertia which is thought to be a contributing factor in some automobile accidents.

(Daily Mail)

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