Fairy tales can come true – it can happen to you....

Ok, so maybe it wasn't a huge lottery jackpot like in the movies, but one Albany-area waitress was the recipient of a really nice "pay it forward" type of tip!

Apparently, the patron had just lost a friend and just wanted to treat her waitress to a night out, reminding us all that "life is too short".

Becky Nielsen is a server at The Breakfast Spot, a fabulous little place in Cohoes, NY, just outside of Albany.  Having lived in the Capital District for over 15 years, the area is quaint, and the restaurant is a great place to grab a cup of coffee and some yummy food and apparently, to bump into some really nice people!

Becky didn't get a chance to thank the kind customer, as they left before Becky saw the receipt. Just another great example of how one kind act can spread so much joy, not just for the person receiving it, but for all of us who hear the story!

Maybe it'll inspire YOU today?

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