Earlier this morning, we talked about the Top 10 Most Binged TV Shows (those that you can tear through an entire season over the course of a weekend). Prison Break topped the list...and that WAS a great series (ladies.....Wentworth Miller? O.M.G........)

With MY favorite, The Walking Dead, on hiatus I'm looking to book my TV-obsessed weekend, and I started thinking about how there aren't many shows today that have GREAT themes...WITH WORDS.

But those great ones, from the '80s and '90s?  They all had lyrics!

So Thursday on the show, we're going to salute these awesome pieces of (mostly Alan Thicke-written) music. I need your help....which ones would you like to hear...and sing along with?  Let's have some FUN! :)

Leave your requests here and I'll do my best to grab the instrumental versions today so we can sing them together tomorrow! <3

Getty / Jens Rotzche

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