Recently, I had Linda reach out to me to educate me a bit on Brittany's Law. I wanted to pass along this pertinent info to you.



Please note this is verbatim what Linda Randolph explained to me in an e mail about Brittany's Law. I encourage you to visit the website Brittany's Law here: 


  " Brittany's Law (The Domestic Violence Prevention Act) is in accents a Repeat Violent Offender Registry. Similar to Megan's Law the Sex Offender Registry. The law will help the community. People will know who lives in their neighborhood. Early Childhood Educators are mandated by law to go into homes to talk to parents, real estate agents, meals on wheels, EMS, Police officers and Health Care workers all go into homes COLD not knowing if the person or people living there have a violent past. This will help people know when they interview contractors and babysitters as well."

   "The Senate has passed the bill every time that it comes up for a vote. The Assembly has not ever voted on it because the Majority Leaders will not bring it out of corrections and to the floor for a vote. I was told that this 'bill' is very bi-partisan and if it is brought to the floor it will pass the Assembly as well as the Senate. We have been told that believe it or not the NYSCADV is against this law citing things like unintended consequences. We feel the consequences already exist and the real consequences are when they let violent felons out without anyone knowing where they are. We were told that the NYSCADV is worried that if they don't have victims they won't get funding. That's not hard to believe because they are a lobbyist group. Why NYS is not listening to the tens of thousand victims is beyond me. Another reason is that they said it would cost $1mil a year. That is really not true. We already have Megan's Law the model is already at hand. But lets put it in prospective my daughter (Shannon Pepper) was taken for two days and tortured. Her injuries where extensive leaving her in the Trauma ICU and in a coma for 3 weeks and in the hospital for 5 weeks. The cost was $500K. just for Mercy flight and her stay at ECMC. That"s just one case. "
   "My daughter Shannon survived her attack. When she got well enough, she started a petition for a repeat violent offender registry. We didn't know about Brittany's Law until we started talking to people. After we found out that Brittany was a 12 yr old little girl and that the law was started in 2009 we were more determined to get this registry. Shannon talked to everyone everywhere she went. She worked so hard on this. Shortly after her attacker was convicted to 20 yrs in prison on Feb 21, 2015 Shannon passed away in her apartment in an accidental fire. Our family worked on this with Shannon and have been working on this ever since her passing."
Quoted in an e mail from Linda Randolph. Again, additional info is available on the Brittany's Law website.

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