The Niagara County Sheriff's Office under Sheriff Jim Voutour and the Buffalo Bisons have scheduled a benefit for Deputy Gerhardt and his family this Wednesday August 31st at the Buffalo Bisons vs. Syracuse Chief's game. Tickets to the game are $10.00 and available though the Niagara County Sheriff's Office at 716-438-3370. A portion of the proceeds will go to Deputy Gerhardt and his family.

If you are unable to attend the game or would like to contribute directly, this link will take you to the NCSO webpage.

It was 1:30am on a quiet country road when Niagara County Sheriff's Deputy Alan Gerhardt's life changed instantly.

Deputy Gerhardt was responding to another officer's call for assistance when, for reasons unknown he lost control of his patrol vehicle and hit a guardrail severing both his legs.

He has no memory of the accident, only from reports he has seen, or from what other officers have told him. The accident left Deputy Gerhardt without both of his legs but this brave deputy says, "I'm alive, it's just another road I have to take."

As most of you know I have worked with the Niagara County Sheriff's Office since 1979, and though I don't personally know Alan, I feel the pain and anguish that he, his wife, and family are going through.

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