As long as keeps issuing stuff like this, we'll keep celebrating all that's awesome about Buffalo (and lets face it, we'll keep celebrating after that too!)!

(Scroll down for some fun St. Patrick's Day recipes!)

The number-crunchers at the site looked at 200 of the biggest cities in the country using different stats like number of Irish bars/restaurants per capita and hotel prices for St. Patrick's Day, and Buffalo came in at NUMBER 1!

Here's where we ranked in some of the other metrics:

  • Percentage of Irish population -- 21st
  • Irish pubs and restaurants per capita -- 7th
  • "Access to Bars" grade -- 24th
  • St. Patrick's Day parties/festivals per capita -- 11th
  • Average price of St. Patrick's Day party ticket -- 1st

Naturally, our St. Patrick's Day parade is a fan favorite (2nd biggest in the country!)...and as with any holiday, there's food and drink involved.  I wanted to share with you a couple of my favorite recipes.

First, here's my Guinness Cake recipe.  It's dense, fudgy, and delicious!

Second, how about a "grown up" Shamrock Shake recipe! Perfect for enjoying after your corned beef dinner!

Now, this isn't "minty", but this IS another green item you might want to try.  It's homemade Mountain Dew Ice Cream!

Besides corned beef and cabbage, what else do you always make for St. Patty's in Buffalo? Share your recipes by emailing !


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