The rebirth of Buffalo has been a great thing to watch.  After years of decay, it seems like we have new projects on the horizon everyday.  The city is heading in the right direction, and a few new proposals have Main St in its sights!


As reported by Jonathan D Epstein at the Buffalo News, the 400 and 500 blocks of Main St in Downtown Buffalo have plans for revamped apartments, shops and commercial space.  Restoring and combining of buildings, along with some new features are included in the proposals.


The total of the 2 proposals would cost about $4 Million dollars, and the plans for each are unique.  I have to be honest, they could suggest almost anything for that amount of money and I would be on board.  With the exception of someone painting a giant Patriots or Dolphins logo on one of the walls, if someone wants to invest and make the city look great again, I'm all in!  I would be down with a picture of Tom Brady getting run over by a Buffalo, that would be cool.  I need to find my own investor and get something like that put in!


This is more great news for a city that can continue to get all of the great news it can get! Buffalo is a beautiful place that has been pushed aside for too long.  Knowing that there are investors and developers willing to put money where there mouth is, is an exciting thing.  As more people get on board this city will be on top once again!

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