Cinema Blend just put out their list of the scary truths about Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer...




Dave says, "Rudolph is overrated." Well, NO! Dave! He isn't over rated and here's why...


1. Santa was actually disgusted with his red nose like everyone else

2. Hermey the elf was a psychopath. Anyone who gets pure enjoyment of ripping out teeth is just plain scary.

3. The job rate at the North pole is relatively low. Think about it... How many job opportunities are there? 8? Yeah... '

4. Yukon Cornelius is considered mentally unstable... Well, that should speak for itself there.

5. Rudolph's family missed the bulk of his childhood. His father didn't treat him very well before he left either... Just plain sad.

6. Clarice and Rudolph's relationship is just considered, "eh!" Think about it, she told him once that he was cute and then what? Years later he comes back to rescue her and now all of a sudden they are a thing? Sorry, that's not a relationship!

Rudolph's main message is to accept EVERYONE no matter their ability or disability. We all have something to offer. Treat each other kindly! Life is too short!

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