With the year 2013 just hours in, we're all making our yearly resolutions and wishes to try and make the year as awesome as possible. While most of us can't predict our own futures, a psychic has made some predictions for a few of our favorite celebrities and musicians for the upcoming year, and they're pretty amazing to read.

Sidney Friedman is a mentalist and corporate mind-power expert, and he has been just oh so kind as to grant us non-celebrities with his celebrity forecasts of 2013.

Here is what Friedman has predicted for the following celebs:

Christina Aguilera: Big voice, new tiny waist. …Although she’s strongly independent of worry about what others think, Christina Aguilera goes on some type of retreat and in the process returns significantly slimmer.


Kanye West and Kim Kardashian: Monogram the towels with just a “K.” … After a brief parting, Kim Kardashian and KanyeWest will announce they are tying the Knot. And btw: Kim’s divorce from Kris Humphries will be finalized by summer. That’s a lot of K’s. (Speaking of which, let’s hope none of this is done in a Kangaroo Court.)


Justin Bieber: Justice and Justin. …There is a court case involving a family member of Justin Bieber. In another matter entirely, I also sense and envision a period of silence regarding Justin along with another vision involving one of his arms in some significant way.

Friedman also makes incredible (and non-pop culture related) predictions for the New Year, so make sure you check out what he thinks is about to head our way very shortly!

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