Like most people who grew up in Western New York, I love talking about and learning about weather. We have the fortune of being along Lake Erie and the weather here is always something that weather fans keep an eye on. But there is a term that even I admit to not knowing until this winter; frazil ice!

Wikipedia says that Frazil ice is

a collection of loose, randomly oriented, plate or discoid ice crystals formed in supercooled turbulent water.

The weather is expected to be much warmer over the next few days. The biggest issue, when it comes to the ice on Lake Erie, is the wind. It can make the ice do funny and dangerous things. But beyond the lake, there are also the roads to consider. That's right, it's pot hole saeason!

here is a report that is out that is not great news for cars and trucks that travel along Buffalo's roads. When it comes to potholes, Buffalo has made it's bumpy mark.

According to reports, there is a new list out that features the cities with the biggest pothole issues and it may not be a surprise that the Queen City is on it.The study, conducted by insurance comparison website Quote Wizard, ranked Buffalo 20th on its list of 50 locations nationwide.

Even a seemingly small pothole can produce a surprisingly large amount of damage. According to AAA, U.S. drivers spend nearly $3 billion a year fixing damage caused by potholes.

Trying to avoid the potholes around Buffalo and Western New York can be a struggle some days. They seem to stretch across the road in some cases. But it may not be your fault when you find your car banging in and out of them. According to the study, your age may also be a factor.

Watch out if you’re between the ages of 35 and 44. Recent research indicates potholes may be out to get you. Drivers in this age range reported more pothole damage than any other age group, with almost one-third of drivers saying they’ve dealt with pothole damage in the last year.

The forecast is calling for the temperatures to get back in to a more normal range this coming week. But the fact that we have dealt with sub zero temps over the last couple of weeks has only made the warm up be a detriment to the roads as they heave and pop and make more potholes.

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