Ok usually I don't like writing about horrible break ups, but this is really, really, really, bad!



In 2013 a clarinetist from Canada received a $50,000.00 scholarship to study in LA. How amazing and such a phenomenal opportunity. Well, his evil girl friend at the time, didn't want him to move so she hid it from him and never told him about it. Evil. Pure evil.

Eric Abramovitz applied for a scholarship at a music school in L.A.  He plays clarinet, and he'd already won tons of competitions. His scholarship would have allowed him to study under one of the best clarinet teachers in the world.

About a year after the girl friend deleted the e mail from this school, they ended up calling it off. They broke up for unrelated reasons. Well, you know what happens sometimes after a break up, you either hibernate and not associate with anyone and eat ice cream (I am guilty of this) or you go out there and work on bettering yourself (also guilty of this.)

Well, Eric decided to go back and audition for this scholarship in front of the world renown teacher when he found out he was already accepted.

Eric then went back and sued his ex for damages. The Judge awarded it in his favor and he ended up getting $350,000.00 in damages.



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