I absolutely love Halloween! It is one of the season's where I enjoy decorating my home and celebrating... Skeleton style!


I normally like to put up my decorations at least 6 weeks in advance. It takes a lot of work and effort to get them up that I want to enjoy them. This is a tradition that I created with my daughter. (I like inventing traditions with her.) What's hilarious is she reminded me on the 15th of September that we had to put up the Halloween decorations and this year, I am slacking. (I put them up last night.)

Every year, I tend to buy one "new" decoration to add to our collection and this year, it was Winnie our inflatable Witch!

amber with winnie

I like to add finishing touches around the house too. It's not just outside. I have an apt that I've been in for a few years and enjoy the Halloween like atmosphere. You can check out the pics here:

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