Kelly Clarkson recently announced that she'll be releasing a greatest hits album along with a new single, 'Catch My Breath.' Well, she must've read our awesome review of the song, because she performed it for the first time on stage in Dublin!

The singer has already been receiving rave reviews regarding the single after she debuted it on Ryan Seacrest's radio show -- any and everybody seems to go to Mr. Seacrest when they have a song to promote.

"My label came to me with the idea of releasing a greatest hits, and I was like, 'I'm 30.' I was like, 'What?'" said the singer before her performance. "It's what older people do when they're done. ... And it's kind of cool to be 30 and put out a greatest hits."

She then went on to say that she worked with Jason Halbert, her go-to guy for sound mixing, on writing 'Catch My Breath' because he's been with her through ups and downs, which is exactly what the song's about.

Clarkson gave a performance that she always does: energetic and near pitch perfect, all the while making sure to focus on the audience before her to get them involved. It's truly her voice that makes the song (as usual) and the upbeat tempo and catchy lyrics will surely make it one of Clarkson's classics.

Here's to many more performances of 'Catch My Breath!'

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