How many times have you been out with your friends and you're suddenly starving?  Where do you go?  Here are some places you can check out.

Back in the day we would leave our houses at 10 or 11 and stay out all night.  The bars wouldn't close until 4 so we would be there until 3 or so, then we would head out to get a little something to eat before heading home.  Late-night food after going out was the absolute best.

Then the pandemic happened and everything changed.

Many restaurants had to close down.  They moved to a curbside pickup model where people would order ahead and workers would bring the food from the restaurant right to their cars.  Some closed down for good.  The ones that were able to hold on have slowly been making a comeback but unfortunately are still having a hard time keeping their restaurants staffed.  This lead to hours being cut back because they can't expect the few workers they have to work all day AND all night long.

It wasn't just the people who were going out that used to take advantage of the late hours though.  People who work the second shift and needed something to eat on the way home would stop.  Doctors and nurses work around the clock and always need food.  Late travelers who are coming in on a late flight and haven't gotten the chance to eat all day are always looking for food late at night too.  There are tons of people.

But where do you go to get it these days?

There are still some restaurants that will provide food late at night:

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