We asked you, the listeners, what you wanted to hear for the holiday season, and the response was overwhelming. We received hundreds of submissions, with hundreds of different Christmas songs included among them!

That got us thinking--what is Buffalo's FAVORITE Christmas song? It's about time to find out.

For the next few weeks, we're going to run a tournament to see what Buffalo's favorite Christmas song is. We've gathered 256 songs and we will play them head-to-head until we arrive at a winner. Some of the entries will be the same song but by different artists, so be sure that you're actually voting for your favorite!

We will play two songs every hour from 7AM - 6PM Monday-Friday, so keep checking back to make sure that your favorite continues to advance to the finals! We're starting with the Snowman bracket, and we'll play that one all the way through--then onto the next one! Get in and VOTE NOW!




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