Do you have Easter egg envy?  I know I do.  It's when others can make their eggs look so much better than yours.  They create these eggs that look like an impressionist painting.  As a kid, and when I still color with my teens, my often still come out just purple blobs.  So, here are some great egg painting tips from Home and Gardening.

We got this!

Sorbian Minority Holds Annual Easter Egg Market
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They have one tip using shaving creme, which is fun, right?  You use natural food coloring or dye and mix it into the shaving creme.  You make the creme a bed in which to roll your hard boiled eggs.  Let them dry, gently clean off any excess shaving cream and voila cool looking marbled eggs.

Here's a list of Buffalo egg hunts still happening, scroll down and good hunting!

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