Now this puts the "fun" in FUNDRAISING!

Parents from 14 different elementary schools in Denver held a non-traditional fundraising event to gather the $40,000 needed to cover the gap in their budget.  They didn't sell wrapping paper or have a bake sale....they took it to the streets....with a PUB CRAWL!

It's actually the third year in a row they've done it. Tickets were $25 and included drinks at THREE DOZEN different places (that's 36 different bars, in case you're keeping track at home) there were several '80s cover bands playing throughout the area.

Brian Russell called attention to a similar budgetary issue in the Niagara-Wheatfield district last week....and I'm starting to think Colorado's plan would work really, REALLY well here.

Let's be honest: In WNY, we love our kids, we love our schools, we love our beer.  How could this NOT be an amazing idea?????

BTW, I will step up right now and say any school district that wants to do this...I'll be your spokesperson.  Heck, if you just want to pub crawl for your knitting club, I'll step up for that one too! :)

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