Ever you ever craved a tasty grilled hot dog but there is a couple of feet of snow in your backyard, Sahlen's Hot Dogs think that found the perfect solution for you.

Sahlen's has announced a new product that will give you the perfect grilled hot dog taste without all the grilling.

Sahlen’s® Grilled For You™ Pork & Beef Smokehouse Hot Dogs—ready to HEAT & EAT in just minutes for quick and easy meals at home or satisfying on-the-go snacks

Yes! Sahlen's has created a pre-grilled hot dog so that you can still get those amazing grill marks on your dog even if you can't fire up the grill.

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According to Sahlen's website, these dogs are made to give you a perfect dog every time.

  • Get a consistent grilled look and taste every time via a proprietary process.
  • Made with fresh, never-frozen pork and beef ingredients.
  • No mechanically separated materials.
  • No added MSG, binders, or fillers.
  • A generational blend of seasonings and Smokehouse flavor.

Now my only question is will they soon offer different levels of charring? Here in Western New York, there is a lot of different takes on how a hot dog should look when you take it off the grill.

For me, I love a good char. Just enough to give you a crispy crunch when you take a bite but remains juicy when you eat it.

Sahlen's was founded in Buffalo and has been making deli meats, sausages, and hotdogs since 1869.

To get more details about the pre-grilled hot dogs check out Sahlen's website HERE.

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