Thanksgiving is just a few days away, and if YOU'RE hosting, the time is at hand.  To help lighten your load for Thursday, here are some things you can get out of the way early . . .

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1. Rearrange or clean-out your fridge.  You'll need room for the turkey and all the extra fixings.

2.  Check your cupboards/pantry for salt, pepper, flavorings, and seasonings.

3.  Defrost your turkey.  If you bought a frozen turkey, the USDA recommends one day of thawing in the fridge for every 4 to 5 pounds.

4. Do some advance work.

You can air-dry breads for stuffing.  You can make homemade pie crusts.  And things that are served chilled, like cranberry sauce or vinaigrette for salads, can all be made (now)...

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(Food 52 / Courier Journal)

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