Howard Stern brought some new viewers when he joined America's Got Talent for its run earlier this year. Producers want him to be happy. So they may be taking his recommendation to replace exiting judge Sharon Osbourne seriously.Truthfully, it looks like a good one, if a bit unexpected.

Howard's choice? None other than Rosie O'Donnell. A few years back, the two were feuding, with little or no chance of them sharing a building, no less a stage. But times have changed. They've made peace, and now Stern is pushing Rosie for the empty chair for next season's episodes.

Why O'Donnell? Stern thinks her well-known energy would help the show build on the power he added with his joining. TV insiders add that Rosie pumped up The View during her short-lived run there.

For her part, Rosie told the Huffington Post that she'd be interested if she's asked to join.

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