Buffalo is a pretty old city with a rather colorful past and a penchant for demolishing historic buildings and turning them into fast food restaurants and parking lots. So naturally Buffalo has a few old souls still hanging around with something on their minds. Here is a list of just a few haunted places in the Queen City.

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    Shea's Buffalo

    Buffalo’s largest theater is not only the home of some great shows it is also the reported home of its very own resident ghost. And who might this ghost be? Why none other then Michael Shea the original owner of Shea’s. Apparently Shea can be seen walking around the theater after shows, cane in hand, remarking on how well the theater looks.

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    USS Sullivans

    The USS Sullivans can be found in the Naval Park and was named after the five Sullivan brothers who all died in WWII when their ship was sunk. It is said that the USS Sullivans is now home to at least one of the Sullivan brothers, George, who likes to play harmless pranks on visitors and the occasional Girl Scout who has to spend the night on the ship.

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    D’Youville College Kessler Administration Building

    Apparently this building used to be an orphanage and some of the children never saw it fit to leave. People who have worked on the 3rd and 4th floor of the building, where the children slept, have reported seeing children playing in rooms and heard strange noises coming from the attic where the children were sent if they were bad.

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    St. Mary's School for the Deaf

    Many staff and students have reported seeing the ghosts of several nuns on the 3rd floor where the dorms used to be. Also in an ironic twist of fate the ghostly nuns enjoy tolling the bell that is no longer functioning. Apparently students can’t hear it but they have reported seeing it move.

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    Canisius College Christ the King Chapel

    Many people have said they have felt a strange presence in the Chapel and have reported hearing voices coming from the confessionals. In 2004, a group of brave students decided to conduct a ghost hunt, and they claim to have snapped a shot of a ghostly apparition of a priest in the basement.

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