That's right! I got my hair done! There is something about getting your hair done that makes you feel fantastic!



Coco Chanel said it best, "When a woman goes to change her hair, she is out to change the world." This can't be more true. It's been a little while since I got it done last. I know the process can be grueling. Especially, if you are getting colored and highlights. It seems like you are sitting in the chair for hours.

That's why I suggest seeking a hair stylist that you like. I love Danielle Bagsley and she is always on point. A true master of her art! Even when I don't know what I am talking about, she knows exactly what I mean. lol.

We talk about everything from kids, ex's, work, and everything in between. I feel like she knows me and I know her, even though I don't see her often.

Danielle works at Capello's in Williamsville and I would highly suggest booking her. She does accept new clients and I guarantee you will love your results.



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