So let me start by saying I scare easily. Today when I got into the studio I was looking out the window overlooking the City of Buffalo. Moments later I received a photo to my personal cell phone. The contact name wasn't displaying, but the photo I received was taken of me from a distance on the outside of our building.


Turns out the photo came from my friend who happens to be a photographer who is shooting a wedding across the street at the hotel Lafayette. For some odd reason my phone wasn't displaying his name with the text, although his name is saved in my contacts. But for a slight moment, when I was looking at the photo and unaware who sent it to me, I felt like I was in some horrible sniper movie about to die. Dramatic, ridiculous, and strange are all words that can be used to describe this stupid few minutes of my morning.


I will same I am impressed by how far his camera can zoom in. Here's a photo I took of where he is to show you just how far away we are.




Would this have scared you? Comment below.

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