"Citing the reason as the “current public health environment,” Tim Hortons has decided to remove the cup portion of its annual Roll Up The Rim campaign." reports Channel 4.

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“Tim Hortons does not believe it’s the right time for team members in restaurants to collect rolled up tabs that have been in people’s mouths during this current public health environment,”

Instead Hortons will focus toward their digital elements, where "More than 1 million prizes will be redistributed this way."

So, how does this work?

Tims Rewards members earn a digital roll when they scan their loyalty card or app after purchasing a qualifying item during the campaign’s four-week period from March 11 through April 7.

Now if you unregistered Hortons reward members have until April 21 to register for a card and see their rolls.

So, still still stuff to win,

Prizes include $1,000 pre-paid gift cards, free coffee for a year and $50 Tim Hortons gift cards.


As this continues, Tim Hortons says the company is making the effort to collect all of the paper Roll Up The Rim cups to make sure they’re appropriately recycled.

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