West Seneca man won an Emmy and let me tell you why...


Buffalo has really come a long way within the past few years. With revitalization efforts downtown,i.e. the harbor, cruises, shark girl, pedal tours, Riverworks, etc... People are making a difference as well.

We recently found out that a few kids from WNY  are signed on as free agents in the NFL. We have WNY celebrities starring in major motion pictures and tv specials, musicians signed to major labels and touring nationally... In the grand scheme of things, we are really amazing!

Dan Scott who is a sound engineer and mixed  "Disney's Broadway Hits at Royal Albert Hall" won an Emmy for his work. Dan Scott attended West Seneca West and graduated in 2005. How neat that his wife also attended West Seneca West and joined him at the Emmy's to collect his award. Buffalo has really come a long way! Keep up the great work, Buffalo!

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