What is it like to live at the Erie County Fair for the entire 12 days of the fair? Tony P. lived in this RV from Camping World of Buffalo in Hamburg through the entire Fair. He ate here, slept there, didhis show from there – he was always there.

Tune into to 96.1 with Tony P on Monday, August 22, at 5:15 p.m. to discover who is taking the RV home and for a big announcement!

Tony P faces his fear of heights!

GOING INTO HOUR 150!! Dance Party!

Day three was an adrenaline rush for Tony and Val!

We also had our first calf born at the Erie County Fair, and within an hour the little guy was STANDING!!

But it hasn't been all fun. Saturday, August 13 there was a storm!

But it's mostly been fun!

Tony P. even had the chance to feed the calf Dewy some milk.

The Erie County Fair is live streaming their “Mooternity Ward” from the Hamburg Fairgrounds. Listen to 96.1 with Tony P. to hear what’s happening at the fairgrounds every time a cow goes into labor during the Fair, and watch the birth live on the “Calve Cam” right here!

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